Yannan Su


Data Enthusiast, Computational Neuroscientist

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In my spare time, I take photos, read books , and write blog in Chinese.


Selected Projects

Research Projects - Visual Information Processing

Psychometrics | Bayesian Models | Mathematical Approaches

To gain insights how visual perception works as an “unconscious inference” and how our brain uses computational representations to process visual information, I measure visual percepts of humans and reveal the underlying models.

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Daily progress in my PhD journey

Data Visualization | Interactive Dashboard

Approaching the end of my PhD, I set up a daily standup meeting and recorded my daily progress in a spreadsheet. This app is to visualize the data and help me to track my progress.

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BCG Virtual Experience Program - Customer Churn Prediction

Business Understanding and Strategies | Classification

In this open-access BCG Virtual Experience Program with Forage, I built a predictive model that can identify customers at high risk of churn for a utility company.

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Diabetes health indicator

Classification | Model Tuning

Early diagnosis of diabetes is important to prevent the onset of complications. From survey data, I found health indicators that are most associated with diabetes.

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Music effects on mental health

Exploratory Data Analysis | Correlation

How music affects our mental health? In this notebook, I used survey data to explore participants’ music listening habits and mental health status.

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All Projects

Symptoms to diagnosis using NLP

NLP | Word Cloud | Neural Network | TensorFlow

NLP seems becoming powerful in the field of healthcare. In this project, I explore how to infer disease from symptoms using language processing and neural networks.

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Spotify music recommender

Recommender System | Dimensionality Reduction | Streamlit App

I used Spotify’s audio features to build a music recommender system. I further developed a web app in which the recommender system can be customized by selecting the features.

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Rental offers in Munich

Geodata | Regression

Hunting for a new apartment in Munich? I analyzed the data from Immobilienscout24 to find what factors affect the price of a rental offer in Munich.

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A Starter for Forecasting Time Series

Time Series | Forecasting

Which methods are suitable for forecasting time series? I made a starter notebook to explore different models and find the best method to predict sales data.

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Introduction to Probabilistic Programming with NumPyro

Bayesian | NumPyro

Probabilistic programming is a powerful approach to statistical modeling. In this tutorial, I introduced the basics of probabilistic programming with NumPyro.

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Forest Cover Type - Compare Classification Algorithms

Classification | Model Tuning

In this project, I predicted the forest cover type (the predominant kind of tree cover) from strictly cartographic variables (as opposed to remotely sensed data). I compared different classification models and applied hyperparameter tuning to the best model.

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Catch the CATs - Explore Feature Engineering

Exploratory Data Analysis | Feature Engineering

In this project, I performed feature engineering on various features, including binary features, low- and high-cardinality nominal features, low- and high-cardinality ordinal features, and (potentially) cyclical features.

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